Ryan Girard 2

Ryan took the roundabout way to acting.  He grew up going to see shows, but never performed in them.  The first show he remembers seeing is “Guys and Dolls” at the Alliance Theatre, here in Atlanta.  He knew he loved it, and he knew live theater was amazing, but he never thought he’d actually get a chance to do it for a living.  So he went to college, studied Spanish and business, went to Spain and studied business, and came home and got a job in business.  And then he discovered something…..Ryan doesn’t like business.

So he took his diploma to his parents, told them he was going to act for a living, and watched them wipe their tears with it.  He took some improv classes, took more improv classes, and ended up in an improv troupe called “Laughing Matters.”  And that’s when he discovered something else…..Ryan really likes making people laugh.

He arrived at Agatha’s after coming to see their invited dress rehearsals, where he watched his friends perform.  He was lucky enough to be hired shortly thereafter.  He was even luckier to be named the creative director shortly after that.  So now he gets to do what he loves, with people he loves, at a theatre he loves.  Now that’s a business he actually likes.

Ryan is married to the VERY talented and HYSTERICALLY funny actress Katie Kneeland, and they have just had their first baby boy together.  He is neither talented nor funny, but he’s only 2 months old, so they are cutting him some slack.