Marc Headshot 2012

Marc Farley first started working at Agatha’s way, way back in 1998. And for reasons he still doesn’t quite understand, they’ve allowed him to stay. Marc’s performed in dozens of Agatha’s shows, he’s also written several, most recently the highly successful “Murder at Deadton Abbey” presented earlier this year.

He had a really great part in the Johnny Cash biopic “Walk the Line”-well, at least he did until they left it on the cutting room floor. But he’s on the dvd if you wanna buy that. Remember DVD’s?!?! Anyway, Marc’s appeared in lots of commercials, was a regular on The Science Channel’s “Stuff You Should Know”, and can be seen in the upcoming movie “Let’s Be Cops” unless he’s left out again.

He’s also a founding member of Laughing Matters improv group. Come watch him make with the Ha-Ha’s sometime! Enjoy the show!