Gimme Liberty or Gimme Death!

A Hamilton-esque Mystery

Directed by Ryan Girard

Written by John D. Babcock III

Here ye!  Here ye!  Agatha’s starts 2019 with a trip back to Colonial America!  A time of Washington, Adams, Hamilton.  Of powdered wigs, horse drawn carriages and contemporary music (sure – why not).  It’s also a time… of… murder!

The year is 1774. American colonists are at odds with King George III and the British Parliament over excessive taxation and reduced liberties.  Delegates from 12 of the 13 colonies (where are ya, Georgia?) meet to discuss their political future.  Discussions which laid the foundation for self-governance and a complete break from England. Actually, that sounds SUPER boring!  The realstory gripping the colonies is the mysterious death of rising songsmith Jeremiah “Lil’ Musket” Big-Britches. Lil’ Musket sings hippity-hoppitysongs, and usually ones where he unapologetically boasts of his own success and lavish colonial lifestyle – really, Lil’ Musket? You need 3 horse drawn carriages? Really?

Such good fortune has made many other colonial hippity-hoppity singers jealous.  Singers like DJ ButterChurner, Stamp Act Killa, and Sir Kanyeth of West, all resent Lil’ Musket. 

But is their resentment so strong they would reach for their musket, then pour gunpowder from the powder horn into a powder measure, empty that into the barrel of the musket, place a pillow ticking patch over the barrel hole, balance the musket ball on the pillow ticking patch, grab the ramrod and push the ball down the barrel of the musket until it’s good and seated.  Then, placing a dry piece of flint in the jaw of the musket’s mechanism and fastening it securely…. you know what?  It’s already too much work.

Come to ye olde Agatha’s for a merry good time!