Dying on the Dance Floor

Ladies and gentlemen, and all you Dance Moms, get ready for the biggest dancing competition this side of Avenue Q, “The Fire and Ice Dance Crew Face-Off!”  America’s two dance studios, Blabby Lee Miller’s Perfection Inc. and Candy Appleton’s Candy Apple Bunch (conveniently located in the same strip mall, right next to the Quizno’s) have been locked in a bitter rivalry for years, and now they’ll battle it out to see who really is the best in the business. If that business was Dance Crews for kids under the age 12.

 This evening is particularly meaningful for Blabby, since she just got out of the slammer (who knew money smuggling was illegal?). But before the night’s over, both studios will face something else entirely—MURDER!!!

Join hard-nosed Dance Crime Unit detectives Mariska Frownson and Sweet Iced-Tea as they enter a world of high kicks, jazz squares and rumba walks to uncover the killer. It might even be….YOU!!!