Empire 3 MediumEmpire Records Strikes Back!

It wasn’t really a long time ago, in a galaxy A LOT closer than you’d think…..

(Not that we’re actually counting)

Luke Skysinger has vanished. In his absence, the sinister Lucious Vader-Hater has risen from the ashes of Empire Records and will not rest until Skysinger, the last of the Hip-Hops have been destroyed.

With the support of The Rap-public, General Loretha “Cookie” Skysinger leads a brave RESISTANCE.  She is desperate to find Luke and gain his help in restoring peace and justice to the galaxy…or at least to the dining room until desserts have been served.

Cookie, using her powers of “The Flow” (the musical energy that connects all living things in the galaxy), is sending you, her most daring performers on a mission to find Luke, destroy Vader-Hater, and bring harmony to the galaxy.  But will a murder de-rail her plans and hand victory to the Empire?

Join Agatha’s as they present their next hilarious original comedic murder mystery.  See if you live, die, or have no rhythm whatsoever.

Good luck, And “May The Flow Be With You.”

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