161 Peachtree Center Ave | Atlanta, GA | 30303

for GPS to our parking deck use address below:

60 Andrew Young International Blvd NE, Atlanta, GA. 30303

*parking deck will be immediately on left after turning right/crossing over Courtland St.

Park on Level P3 and exit through lobby, turn left, and Agatha’s is on left

Office Number:

(Speak to an ACTUAL human from 12:30-7:30!!)



Parking is $5.00 for each car EVERY NIGHT. Agatha’s is attached to Level 3 of the parking garage on Andrew Young International Blvd. Sometimes when there are other events happening, you might see a sign for parking that is MORE than $5.00.  That DOES NOT APPLY for Agatha’s customers.  Just bring your parking ticket in with you, and you will receive a sticker that will lower your price, so that you ONLY EVER HAVE TO PAY $5.00.  Please note that the parking company does NOT accept cash.


$73.00 per adult, $63.00 for children under 12.

Prices include tip, tax, 5 course meal (3 course on Sundays is $57.50 per person), coffee, tea, and a complimentary glass of wine (served with the salad course).

We do have a full cash bar available; including non-alcoholic beverages.

Please note: We offer a reduced price for children ($63.00) but do not recommend bringing children under 7 years old.

LUNCHEONS: (Show Running Time approx 2 1/2 hrs)

Minimum 45 people

Arrival: 12:00, Showtime: 12:30pm-2:30pm (approx)

3 courses (salad, choice of fish or chicken entree, and dessert)

$55.00 per person (includes tax & tip) without wine ($57.50 in December or Holiday)
 $52.50 for children under 12   

$57.50 per person with one glass of wine included ($60 in December or Holiday)

SHOWTIMES: (Show Running Time approx 2 1/2 hrs)

Tuesday thru Thursday 7:30pm (Mondays available for groups)

Friday 8:00pm

Saturday: 7:30pm

Sunday: 3:00 pm (3 Courses)

Please arrive 15 to 30 minutes prior to Showtime

 Dinner casual; Coat and tie NOT required, No flip-flops.