4 Shot #3 Medium

Hawaii Five Uh-Oh!

Written by Tara Ochs

Aloha Mainlanders! Welcome to the tropical paradise of Hawaii. Pay no attention to the sharks and volcanoes; to the sunburns and outrageous tourist prices, everything is perfect in Hawaii!  Until…….wait, WHAT? A MURDER?!? Time to call in an elite task force known as the Hawaii Five-Uh-Oh. Gov. Pat M Down is putting the Five-Uh-Oh on the beat. Detective Steve McCarrot and his partner Tann-o are primed to deliver justice. Just as soon as their stunt doubles are done surfing.

Of course, with this team of mavericks breaking all the rules and overusing all the hair gel, we may need to call in for Back-Up! Are you a skilled sketch artist? No? We’ll use you anyway!  A Shady Snoop? Who doesn’t love a bad rap? Or maybe you’ll go under-cover… Hope you brought your grass skirt and coconut shells, ‘cause by the end of the night, some evil mastermind will be hearing the words “BOOK ‘EM, TANN-O!”

Join us at Agatha’s for the hilarious new comedic mystery “Hawaii Five-Uh-Oh”, where the murderer might just be you! Aloha!