How to Almost Get Away with 50 Shades of Murder

Written by John D. Babcock and Ryan Girard

He was mysterious. He was a billionaire. He was so handsome. Seriously, even in death that dude is still handsome. Of course, we are talking about Christian Beige, the mysterious billionaire who…..did we mention he was handsome? Cuz, like WOW, that DUDE IS HANDSOME!!! Anyway, HE’S BEEN MURDERED! But by who? Was it the fresh-faced college student Anesthesia Steele?

Anesthesia needs help, and she’ll turn to the best lawyer/teacher/sassypants in the business, Analise Cheating. Analise knows how to defend her clients using any means necessary. She’ll break the law, break hearts, break promises, and break all the rules. Because if there’s one rule about a murder trial, it’s that THERE ARE NO RULES……Except those rules previously agreed upon by the American Judicial System, which I believe are called “Laws”.

Join Analise, Anesthesia, Christian Beige (he really is handsome), prosecuting attorney Atticus Finchlock, and the criminal mastermind Blue Blue-ington (his list is Blue) for the trial of the century! Well, maybe not the century, but the decade…..well, if not the decade, then the year…..maybe the trial of the week.

You, the audience, are the jury. You’ll decide guilt or innocence. So sit back, listen, judge, and laugh hysterically through the entire process, as you figure out “How to Almost Get Away with 50 Shades of Murder!”