Murder on 34th Street

Written by Ryan Girard

Fakey’s Department Store supervisor Doris Skeptical has always taught her daughter Suzie that the holidays are a sham. And this year, while getting the store ready for the holiday rush, everything seems to be going wrong. The decorations aren’t good, the parade went horribly, not to mention everyone at Fakey’s Department Store is getting murdered. Someone is definitely trying to cancel the holidays.

Suzie then meets some magical holiday folks that make her start to wonder if her mom has gotten it wrong about the holidays. She travels to the North Pole to try and discover the truth, but ends up in a bigger mystery than anyone could possibly imagine. Suzie has to solve the murders, help her mom, and save the holidays in “The Trial of the Century”, all while making sure everyone gets their dinner on time!

Join Suzie, The Elf on the Shelf, and all of your favorite holiday characters as she faces off against every single holiday bad guy ever….and lawyers…. and basically everyone who doesn’t believe. We’ll convince you that there’s no better way to celebrate the holidays than at Agatha’s this holiday season!