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Written by Marc Farley

Spoiled socialite Piper Chapstick makes the biggest mistake of her life when an innocent favor for her mysterious friend Alex lands her in the notorious Ditchfield “Just The Bare Minimum” Security Correctional Facility! Suddenly Inmate Chapstick’s easy life becomes much more complicated, as she must navigate an often dangerous prison society—which gets worse when she accidentally incurs the wrath of bad-tempered vaguely European cook Red Cabbage. But soon everyone at “The Ditch” must handle a most unexpected development—MURDER!!

In a race against time and your dinner, you have to uncover the murderer,  confront corrupt prison officials, and deal with super-macho head guard Sgt. Moustache and fellow inmates Yogi Mama, Nebraskachusetts, and the craziest inmate of all, “Crazy Ears”. Will justice be served before the next bed check? Or will the killer strike again? Find out in the new Agatha’s comedy mystery, “Orange Is The New Murder!”

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