A History of Laughter

Agatha’s has been an Atlanta staple for over 20 years.  And in those 20 years, Agatha’s has produced almost 100 original productions.  That’s 100 different chances for audiences to come see hysterically funny live shows that poke fun of every one and every thing.

We’ve had fun with popular movies like “Silence of the Hams”, “Pirates of the Chattahoochee”, and “Rocky: The Italian Scallion”. TV shows ranging from “America’s Got Murder”, “20/4″ A Murder Mystery in Real Time”, “The Bachelor: A Date with Death”, and “Maybury R.I.P.”.  And plays and books like “Cat on a Hot Tin Streetcar”, “Bats “The Non-Musical”, “Annie Get Your Uzi”, and “Harry Plotter and the Half-Wit Princess.”  And when the Holidays arrive, we’ve skewered classics with productions like “Rudolph the Dead-Nosed Reindeer”, “Have a Holly Jolly Murder”,  “Yes, Virginia. Someone Killed Santa Claus”, and “The Nutcroaker.”  Our point is, Agatha’s is here to celebrate and have fun with everything you’ve come to know and love about entertainment.

jeckelycious 2Agatha’s writers have a diverse history in the entertainment industry.  They write for TV shows, movies, corporate videos, commercials, really anything and everything you can think of.  For over 20 years the writers at Agatha’s have made audiences laugh and given each and every person who has come to see a show the chance to play along in its ridiculousness.  We invite you to look through some of the pictures of our previous productions, though unfortunately we can’t show them all here. But we hope that some of these bring back some fantastic memories of hilarities past.