Agathas.Banner_Scandal-Murder-House-CardsScandal and Murder in the House of Cards

Written by John D. Babcock, III

Frank OverTree is the Majority Whip in the United States House of Representatives. He represents Georgia’s 16th Congressional District – a small district comprised of Savannah River islands like Cabbage Island and Hog Marsh Island (those are real – check a map!)

Frank OverTree may be just a Whip now, but he’s ambitious, cutthroat, ruthless, and despicable. He doesn’t care who he steps on to get what he wants. In other words, he’s a politician. He, and his wife Claire, form the ultimate Washington D.C. power couple.

Of course like everyone in D.C., they have secrets. Deep, dark secrets. Things like corruption, extortion, influence peddling, and even…murder? If these secrets get out, not only would no one vote for OverTree, but – even worse – he won’t be able to raise any MONEY!

That’s where Olivia Soap and Associates come in. They wash away the secrets. They make the problems of their clients disappear. They’re not a law firm – despite the fact that all of them are lawyers. Just don’t call this company of lawyers a law firm. They’re not! Confused? Good. They’re doing their job.

Let’s hope you’re confused enough to vote for OverTree, and find a murderer.