Keeping Atlanta Laughing

Each and every show you see here is written exclusively for Agatha’s.  For over 20 years, Agatha’s has made a promise to our audience, to make you laugh.  Our writers have been actors at Agatha’s, so they know their audience, but that doesn’t mean they haven’t written anywhere else.  They’ve written for TV, movies, Fortune 500 companies, CEO’s, their neighbors, and occasionally, family.

The point is, our writers are good at what they do and they’ve been doing it for a long time.  We like to think that everyone is fair game in comedy, which means that we are going to make fun of everything.  The movies you love, the movies you hate.  The television shows you grew up with, the television shows your kids now watch (and you hate more than you’d ever admit.)  And the great part is, you get to play along with us.  To see what you’re going to be laughing at just as soon as you walk in the door, click here.


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