The Spy Who Murdered Me

August 4th – November 9th

Written by Kevin Gillese


Move over Pink Panther. Step aside Maxwell Smart. Leslie Nielson? Never heard of him. There’s a new ridiculous spy in town and the name’s Blonde. James Blonde. He’s your classic, sexy international man of mystery only instead of the expected razor sharp wit and keen sense of observation he’s got the bumbling kultziness of a blonde. And the hair to match.

James has been assigned to protect the beautiful Italian heiress, Femme Fatali, on her trip to Atlanta but he’s having some trouble keeping his mind on the job and off of his lovely associate. This is exactly why Femme eventually finds herself caught between MURDER and a DEAD PLACE, and James is left to figure out who did it and why… and also answer the age old question: if your computer freezes should you put it in the microwave or is the oven better?

Join James as he faces off against Russian villains, delves into political intrigue, and does his best not to trip over his own feet… oh yeah, and he’s going to solve the murder too because you don’t need super smarts to be a super spy. Well… actually you do, which is why he’ll need all the help he can get to figure everything out. So bust out your best fedoras and track down your really long cigarette holders and get ready to enjoy… The Spy Who Murdered Me!