About us

Join us for a good time!

For over 30 years Agatha’s has been entertaining Atlanta with its unique, original, and hilarious murder mysteries. We’ve been featured on various TV shows and our actors are some of the funniest and most talented people in the Southeast. Our special brand of comedic murder mysteries are centered on making sure that the audience is always laughing. If you’ve been to an interactive murder mystery show before, we can honestly tell you, you haven’t experienced anything until you’ve been in to see us. And if you’ve never been to a show with us before and you’re scared to try, we promise you one thing, you are GOING to have a great time.

What Have I Gotten Myself Into?!?!

If you’ve never been to Agatha’s…here’s what you can expect.

Intimate Venue

We are a comedy murder mystery dinner theater with audience participation and can hold a maximum of 170 people. Now, our audience participation is a little different than other murder mysteries, but it’s also WAY more fun. Two professional actors greet all guests at the door to explain how the evening is going to be played out. At that time, the actors will give every audience member a part in the show. Parts can range from playing a character in the show, complete with costuming, or a smaller part in a group with 20-60 others. Seating at Agatha’s is done “family style”, so you might find yourself across from the killer, a character, or just a fantastic couple of folks that you can share the evening with. Participation is encouraged at Agatha’s, we try to make the audience the star, but it’s not required. If you are the kind of person that just wants to sit back, relax, and enjoy a great evening of food and laughter with friends and family, then that’s exactly what you’ll get.

The Dinner

Adults $73.00, Children $65.00

Agatha’s serves a five-course meal every night. The first course to enjoy is appetizers, served buffet style. Appetizers change throughout the orientation process before the show begins, so audience members can come back as many times as they’d like, and try some great new items.

Your second course is a cup of Agatha’s house-made soup. All of our soups are made in-house by Agatha’s chefs from fresh, never frozen ingredients.

Your next course is a small house salad, with fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, and mushrooms with your choice of 2 dressings. Enjoy this course with a glass of wine that is included in the price of the ticket.

The entrees at Agatha’s are something that we are extremely proud of. Most dinner theaters give you one basic choice of chicken, beef, or fish. Agatha’s has taken that one step further by giving you 2 choices of chicken and fish, a beef option, a pork option, and we haven’t forgotten about vegetarians either. And as always, if you have a food allergy, we’ll try all we can to accommodate you. These entrees change seasonally with each show, and are always made with the freshest ingredients.

Your final course is Agatha’s home-made dessert. Agatha’s can be a long, fun night and you are going to want to leave room for dessert. Made from the freshest seasonal ingredients, these desserts change with each show.

Agatha’s on TV

Agatha’s has been a favorite in Atlanta for over two decades. We’ve been featured on many travel shows and interviews, here are just a couple.

Our History

Agatha’s was born in the mid-1980’s. Through recessions and booms, competitors and knock-offs, Agatha’s has stood the test of time. Sadly, our original location has not. We are still always asked, “Didn’t ya’ll use to be by the Fox??” And the answer is yes, we sure were. We originated in an old, dusty building across from the Fox Theater, and stayed there until they kicked us out. They wanted to build a great high-rise that would house the muckety-mucks of Atlanta, so they chose not to renew our lease. However, in a bit of theatrical serendipity, after they kicked us out from our space, they discovered that almost all of Atlanta’s electricity ran under our building, making it impossible to build on. So the empty structure still stands at the corner of Peachtree and 3rd street. If you pass it, please wave and say HI to the ghost of Agatha’s past.

Our new move soon became a blessing in disguise, as we were able to choose an entirely brand-new restaurant to build from the ground up. So we moved to our current location at 161 Peachtree Center Ave in 2005. We built a new kitchen, bar area, dining room, dressing rooms, anything and everything to make a better experience for our customers. Our new location has better viewing and sound for the theater, and a more spacious and re-vamped kitchen to help serve our meals. All in all, we’re THRILLED to be in the heart of Downtown Atlanta and hotel district, with a beautiful restaurant, a safe and secure parking deck, and easy access to I-75/85.